All-Natural Purifying Solution
for Animal Environments

• Expedites organic waste decomposition
• Eliminates rather than masks odors
• Improves bedding quality
• Helps decrease harmful ammonia
• Reduces fly numbers
• Ideal for horse stables, chicken coops, pet environments, bedding & flooring

3.5 oz. packet of Farm360 powder formula
Mixes with 20 gallons of water for spray solution.

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"Works wonders in breaking down my chickens waste without chemicals. spray down the yard one day and rake up the next. Nothing is affected and it keeps the flies down. " Janet G., Chicago Heights, IL

"Arrived on time and performed beyond my expectation." check out freeslotscentral microgaming viper software Sunny P., Riverview, FL

"LOVE it and will definitely purchase again!" Tammy M., Coats, NC

"Bought one pack first and it worked great. Glad that I found this!" Florence G., Lake Havasu City, AZ


Farm360 article, The Chicken Chick, May 23, 2013

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