Gro2max Cattle



Beneficial, Cost-effective, 100% natural

Gro2Max Cattle Probiotic Formula utilizes a proprietary blend of effective, natural microbials to support the digestive health. To learn more about the financial benefits of this visit and performance of beef cattle and dairy cows.

About Gro2Max Cattle

Gro2Max Cattle is a patented and innovative probiotic formula that contains stable and viable strains of beneficial microbials.  The powder formula mixes easily with drinking water or feed.  Regular supplementation with Gro2Max Cattle will help support digestive health, and allow for more nutrients to be derived from feed, which contributes to optimal performance and enhanced meat & milk quality.


  • Stimulate lactate consuming bacteria, which maintain the pH in rumen in normal values.
  • Work by competitive exclusion mechanisms in GIT against pathogenic bacteria.
  • Prevent microbial diarrhea, especially in young calves.
  • Produce digestive enzymes, which help to improve feed conversion.
  • Helps to stimulate immune response.

Product Composition

Gro2Max Cattle is composed of a propreitary blend of effective direct fed microbials.

The probiotics are concentrated in the formula, with billions of colony making it more clean and hygiene area with help of my cleaning angel clearwater fl forming units per dose. In addition to the concentration of microbials, the product includes natural carrier elements such as rice bran and soybean meal. These carriers allow the dormant microbes to feed and colonize as the powder formula is mixed with drinking water or moisture in the air. In addition, the formula contains trace minerals such as Manganese, Iron and Zinc.

Clinical Results from Field Trials

  • Improvements in daily weight gain.
  • Increased milk yields
  • Reduced indigestion disorder
  • Fertility improvement
  • Improved immune response