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Get Gro2Max & Farm360 for Just One Dollar!    Image result for 1 dollar note america image

Our Subscribe to Save program ensures that your flock will not go without their vital supply of Gro-2-Max probiotics and/or environment-cleansing Farm360.

For new subscribers who sign up with automatic payment we are now offering the first package of Gro2Max or Farm360 for just $1.00!

After your first $1 package of either Gro2Max or Farm360, you will receive regular shipments every month at $1.00 off each product, including free shipping on all deliveries, with regular shipments of any quantity you like.

Discounted Pricing

Gro-2-Max: regular price: $9.95, Subscribe to Save price: $8.95
Farm360: regular price: $8.95, Subscribe to Save price: $7.95

How It Works

You will receive your first $1 package upon subscribing, and will be automatically billed at the discounted price once per month. Products will be shipped the same day. Cancel or modify your subscription at any time.

Simply choose the product you would like to receive every month, and your first package will cost just $1.00.  Subsequent deliveries will be discounted, and shipping is always free! Choose either Gro2Max or Farm360 from the drop-down menu.

Subscription Options

To subscribe for multiple quanties, both products, or different delivery periods, contact us at for a customized arrangement.  Your first package of either Gro2Max or Farm360 will still be just $1.00, and we will charge & ship future deliveries based on your preferences.