"My hens are looking so much better and their eggs are larger and production has increased. I will be ordering more soon." Melinda, St. Petersburg, FL

“The gro2max probiotic supplement arrived quickly and saved my sick chickens life. Would definitely buy this product again.” Jennifer T., Richmond, VA

"The Gro2Max and Farm 360 have surpassed our expectations. The birds are
healthier, more active and egg production has increased with the Gro2Max."
Jason & Jamey, Dover, PA

"I have to say my birds sure are getting big thanks to faceporns. Big and beautiful. I'll be reordering Gro-2-Max soon." MaryAnn, Chuckey, TN

"Since giving my Silkie chickens your probiotic product they have had firm, formed stool with no diarrhea. I have given my new chicks a low-dose in their water since hatching and again, no diarrhea issues. I plan on ordering this product again. Thank you." Terry S., Gillett, PA

"I bought this Gro2Max for my hen with vent gleet. She needed extra probiotics in her system and this was a safe effective way for her to get them. I just added some to her water. Easy peasy! 2 weeks later she started to lay eggs again after a 3 month sabbatical. I definitely recommend this product! This is also great to use following worming." Katie M., Worley, ID

"Thanks for giving us the opportunity to try out your product. It really does work good, we think our chick mortality rate has been cut in half."
Angie M., McLeansboro, IL

"We were getting 45-48 eggs a day, since then we have increased to 53-60 eggs daily. The chicks given this product have nice plumage and have filled out nicely. We have really enjoyed introducing this product into our feeding program."
Mickey & Leslie B., Mesick, MI

"Great stuff, my chicks are growing like crazy." Mandy W., Augusta, ME

"I recommend this product. My girls are loving it. I will definitely buy it again. I recently had one egg that weighed 2.62. And quite a few @ 2.50 ounces." Donna A., Spencer, TN

"I had a chicken with an impacted crop so I added this to the regimen. It never turned to sour crop and it cleared up within a few days."
Stephanie P., Georgetown, MA

"Thank you for the Gro-2-Max for the chickens that I got at the Poultry Convention in St. Paul this year. The chickens did the best ever as you can see from the enclosed pictures. In 7 weeks, they averaged over 7 lbs. live dressed (with no water hydration for cooling). We had a chicken that weighed 8.65 lbs. and the breast was 3.61 lbs.! We started them off on a 21% ration for 3 weeks and then switched to a 19% ration to finish them.” Mark B., Holstein, IA

"I have been using Gro2Max on all of the chicks I’ve hatched this year, probably around 300 thus far. I usually lost about 10% of hatched chicks by the 7th to 10th day, and I have noticed a significantly less loss this year of only about 2%. I have been just thrilled with this improvement! The oldest chicks are now nearing point of lay, and again, I usually lose another 5% right around this time, but I am seeing nothing amiss at all in the layers yet. I suspect that I may not lose any this year, which is fantastic! While I do not coddle my birds, the addition of the probiotics seemed like a natural one to me. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I have changed nothing in my regimen other than adding Gro2Max, so I am quite sure that the added robustness in the chicks I’m seeing this year is due to your product." Wynette A., Swartz Creek, MI


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